Après Flow and Chill Yoga with Mike McLaughlin

Wednesdays Starting January 10 | Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Warm Après Flow and Chill Yoga Series

Join Mike McLaughlin on Wednesdays starting January 10th for a six-week series for people who want ski/snowboard maintenance and mental well being!

The primary focus will be a gentle yoga flow in a mildly heated room to strengthen, lengthen and release worked muscles. It will also feature a restorative session that will include supported poses, calming breath work, and other healthy modalities that encourage a ‘chill’ feel by switching you into the parasympathetic nervous system to prepare you for rest, relaxation and digestion!

It’s a healthy happy hour for everyone from beginning yogis to advanced athletes. Join us for the whole six-week series — feel good and save.

About Mike McLaughlin

Mike McLaughlin is a longtime member of the Jackson Hole snowboard community who teaches snowboarding, surfing, paddle boarding and more. He wants to share the gifts that yoga has given him (especially the internals ones) with other people and sports enthusiasts! Learn more about Mike HERE.

Mike McLaughlin Yoga Teacher

Yoga Series Cost and Registration:

Entire Six-Week Series $85

Drop ins welcome at regular class pricing!


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