Daily Habits to Balance Your Dosha – An Ayurvedic Workshop with Anna Welle

In this one hour workshop we’ll explore the daily cycle of changing energy through the doshic clock and how to align with the day for your ultimate health. We’ll go over the ideal daily routine and habits according to this Ayurvedic insight. You’ll highlight the best times for different daily activities and key habits to balance your doshas.

Through your daily routine, rituals, self care practices and healthy habits you’ll:

  • prevent imbalances from arising
  • alleviate imbalances already present
  • harness and strengthen your best attributes to utilize at the ideal times of the day
  • feel more energized, radiant, aligned and thriving

When: Tuesday, March 19th | 7:15 – 8:15 pm
Cost: $10

About Anna Welle

Anna Welle is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Health Coach from Northern California. She specializes in supporting groups of women into embodying a modern day Ayurvedic lifestyle to evolve self care for deep healing and living to your potential. Learn more about Anna at her website.

Daily Habits Ayurvedic Workshop Cost and Registration:


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Or email Anna at: annawelle@gmail.com