Monthly Seva Program & Sutra

Spread Compassion, Be Willing, Be Involved, Be Connected

Making a House a Home

The Sanskrit word Shala translates to “abode” or “home.” A house does not become a home simply by being made of brick and mortar. A house becomes a home when its walls are filled with laughter, tears, love and community. A house becomes a home because of the people in it.

We at the Teton Yoga Shala yearn to see our beloved house of yoga become a home for Sangha. Yoga is about the relationship we have with Self and the affects that relationship has on our friends and loved ones. The work we do on the mat is just the first step. It’s up to us to carry that work from the mat, into our hearts and out into our community and world to make our collective home a better, more loving place to live.

We would like to use our joyful blessing of a house as a place that nurtures our community. We are planting the seeds for a Seva Program to blossom. Seva is selfless service that has been at the center of yogic experience and process for significant time. We will include a Sutra of the month, which will go along with the program chosen.

Be on the lookout for the new Community Calendar at the studio and website. We will have lots of events and projects scheduled for the winter and beyond.

Please reach out to Patricia Ireland 307-200-1985 if you have an organization or a theme that you would like the Shala Sangha to put some energy and resources towards.

Sutra of the Month

I.33: Maitri karuna mudita uppekshanam sukha dukha punya apunya vishayanam bhavanatah chitta prasadanam.

1.33 In relationships, the mind becomes purified and stable by cultivating feelings of friendliness towards those who are happy, compassion for those who are suffering, goodwill towards those who are virtuous, and equanimity or neutrality towards those we perceive as wicked or non-virtuous.

Monthly Seva Program: Spreading Awareness and Compassion through Selfless Service

Spread Compassion, Be Willing, Be Involved, Be Connected

How can you be involved? Follow what’s going on, do what you can, spread the word, offer your time, give what you can.

December: Teton County School District and Teton Literacy

There are children within the Teton County School District who only receive the two meals per day that are offered at school. They do not have snacks to come home to, or a warm meal at home either because their families do not have stoves to cook on as they are living out of hotel rooms, or are not around to cook for their children and don’t have the means to provide warm meals.

As the Holiday break is just around the corner, these children will need food to get them through the time that they will not be in school receiving regular meals. Food that does not require cooking is most needed. Care packages will be made for these little children. Every Friday the Shala will be taking donations to the School District and they will be distributed accordingly.

Examples of What’s Needed:

  • Snacks
  • Bars
  • Lunchables
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit
  • Dried Fruit Snacks
  • Nuts
  • Carrots
  • Hummus

Holiday Wishlist Items for the Romero Family in Jackson

Teton Literacy has paired Teton Yoga with the Romero family (Maria, Diego and Mareli) who live in Jackson. Please bring these requested items to the studio (unwrapped) and we’ll present them to the family during the holidays. Thank you for taking part in our Seva program!

  • Winter Puffy jacket (waterproof and warm) for Diego (10 yr old boy) – 12/14 size – black or blue
  • Winter Puffy jacket (waterproof and warm) for Mareli (4 yr old girl) – 5 size – pink or purple or blue
  • Winter/Snow boots – waterproof and warm for Diego – 6 shoe size (adult)
  • Winter/Snow boots – waterproof and warm for Mareli – 11 shoe size (youth)
  • Disney Princess doll for Mareli
  • Legos Star Wars or Marvel Superheroes for Diego
  • Math workbook for Diego for a 5th grader
  • Books to read about science, history, non-fiction for a 5th grader
  • Workbook to study letters or colors for a 4 yr old who will enter Pre K next year
  • Books to read for a Pre-Kindergartener – likes animal-themed books
  • Winter puffy jacket (waterproof and warm) for mom, Maria, she is a Medium size – black color preferred
  • Warm hat for winter
  • Warm gloves (waterproof and warm) for winter – Small/Medium size – black color preferred