Monthly Seva Program & Sutra

Spread Compassion, Be Willing, Be Involved, Be Connected

Sutra of the Month: January 2019

The Invitation: 1.1 Atha yoganushasanam 
1.1 The very first Yoga Sutra is the invitation to accept the process of yoga as a way of being present and alert in every moment. This sutra suggests not only our readiness, but our willingness to turn inward and take responsibility for our knee jerk reactions and habits, as well as the way that we experience the process of life. All of life process is ultimately experienced within ourselves and this is where the focus needs to be directed.

The very first word Atha suggests that a lot has happened up until now and everything that has happened has ultimately prepared us to waking up completely to this moment. Choosing conscious action over unconscious reactions. Yoga is that which yokes and unites the mind, body and spirit, it is our ability to hold an objective perspective within the subjective experience, and connect where we have become disconnected. Anu is the essence, it refers to that which cannot be broken down anymore. Sashu is a weapon, it is the sword that cuts through our distortions and illusions about reality and self. Nam refers to love. 

This sutra exists in every moment and is the essence of all of the yoga sutras. Simply put, this sutra is saying that Now the teachings of yoga begin, but if we take a closer looks at the depth of what this means we recognize that Now we are ready and willing to WAKE up, to bring awareness to our blind spots, to shed light on the coarse edges of our being and refine our attitudes and character, connect where we have become disconnected and resolve that which has been left unresolved. Being in a state of moment to moment awareness is that which allows us to exercise the power of choice in every moment and move from unconscious activity and habit, to conscious response. Taking charge of your our inner atmosphere becomes a natural and effortless boon from moment to moment awareness. Every moment is an opportunity to accept the invitation to polish the lens of our perception and turn inward to shape our experience of life exactly the way we want it to be.

Monthly Seva Program Update

We want to express our deepest gratitude for everyone who donated to the December Seva focuses. We were able to get the Romero family everything on their Christmas wishlist plus a few things extra for holiday cheer thanks to everyone who opened their hearts and spent the time and energy to help a family in our community. We took an SUV load of snacks, fruit, and kid-friendly food items to the Teton County School Disctrict to be divided amongst the school counselors who distributed them to the children of our valley. Kids who are less fortunate now have food in their bellies thanks to you! We will continue the after school snack drive throughout January. If you want to read more about the program click here.

If you have a local organization that is dear to your heart, please reach out to Patricia 307-200-1985 and let’s start a conversation about what the Shala Sangha can do to help!

Monthly Seva Program: Spreading Awareness and Compassion through Selfless Service

Spread Compassion, Be Willing, Be Involved, Be Connected

How can you be involved? Follow what’s going on, do what you can, spread the word, offer your time, give what you can.

January: Teton County School District and Teton Literacy

There are children within the Teton County School District who only receive the two meals per day that are offered at school. They do not have snacks to come home to, or a warm meal at home either because their families do not have stoves to cook on as they are living out of hotel rooms, or are not around to cook for their children and don’t have the means to provide warm meals.

On weekends and after school, these children need food to get them through the time that they will not be in school receiving regular meals. Food that does not require cooking is most needed. Care packages will be made for these little children. Every Friday the Shala will be taking donations to the School District and they will be distributed accordingly.

Examples of What’s Needed:

  • Snacks
  • Bars
  • Lunchables
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit
  • Dried Fruit Snacks
  • Nuts
  • Carrots
  • Hummus