Max Friedman

Yoga Teacher, RYT 500

Max Friedman

Hi. I’m Max. I’m a student of the body. I received my 200-hour yoga teacher training from Adi and Angela here at the Shala, and I completed my RYT 500 during a stay at an ashram in Rishikesh, India under the guidance of a Doctor of Yogic Sciences. I am currently a Structural Integration (commonly called Rolfing) practitioner. I cannot stress enough that I am honored to have amazing teachers, true practitioners of martial healing systems. I’ve been teaching for since 2010. I’m an Anatomy and Physiology geek. I write succinctly so that I may give you a glimpse of my teaching practice.

No pose is inappropriate if it addresses a need, so let’s play. It is the depths and expression of each pose that must be tailored to the needs of the practitioner (my responsibility) and for the practitioner to be willing to be tailored to the pose (your responsibility). Now there is order within play, and play within order. Here we build trust. Ask about a pose if you don’t understand where you’re taking it and where the pose is intended to take you. The concept of asana is based on extension. This is why we enter asana, to be pulled off of our sense of a balanced vertical line, so that we may find it again with an entirely new intelligence in an area that didn’t extend before. To help you achieve a practice where you may effect and progress this in yourself is my aim.

I hope, if I don’t see you in class, that you’ve at least found something interesting to bring to your practice, otherwise you’ve suffered through my bio for nothing! Namaste.

Heather Franklin Yoga Teacher in Jackson Hole