New Class - Zenity Now with Brantley Sydnor

Tuesdays and Thursdays starting January 23rd

Sound Bath with Rachel Holmes

Feb. 26, March 26, & April 30, 2018 | Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Revitalize and Restore with Kriyas Yoga Series

March 4 and 11, 2018 | Jackson Hole, Wyoming

100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training in Jackson Hole | April 8-18, 2018

Featured Yoga Workshops, Events, & News

Yoga Teacher Trish Ireland

Sound Bath with Rachel Holmes

Rachel Holmes leads a Sound Bath with crystal bowls and gong Feb. 26, March 26, & April 30

Yoga Teacher Trish Ireland

Monday Morning Flow by Donation

Trish Ireland’s Monday Flow is by Donation! Pay what you can and get the week started off right.

Yoga Kriyas Series

Yoga Kriyas Series II

Kriyas with Rachel March 4 & 11

Yoga Teacher Trish Ireland

Bhavani Maki Yoga Kriya Workshop

Bhavani Maki is teaching a Yoga Kriya weekend workshop in June 2018. More info here.

Yoga Teacher Trish Ireland

Warm 26 Yoga with Cameron Barker

Warm up with Cameron Barker’s Warm 26 Yoga Class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

β€œIn 15 days someone can become yogi? No. 25 years I’m still trying… I’m close!… Well, closer than you!” – Sharath Jois


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