Exploring the Granthi: The Psycho Spiritual Knots with Adi Amar in Denver, CO

Three workshops Friday May 18 and Saturday May 19, 2018 at Samadhi Yoga
Each class $50

There are three main psycho spiritual knots (granthi) in the body that are very difficult to untie. No amount of physical manipulation or bodywork will untie these psycho – emotional knots. A reintegration and alignment of our psychology is necessary for unraveling and teasing apart these cords that bind us and keep us stuck in habitual subconscious behaviors and attitudes that no longer serves us.

In this workshop we will cultivate a posture of open attentiveness where we passively observe what is arising in the present moment with skillful awareness. We will create space to be deeply honest about how we operate from subconscious programming. As we utilize Yoga as skillfulness in action to address these knots we learn that through expanding our container of awareness, effort becomes less and releasing that which no longer supports us becomes part of our daily practice.

Friday May 18, 2018
6-8:30pm | Location: Uptown studio at 639 E 19th Ave

Class 1: Brahma Granthi: Exploring the lower two chakras through standing poses, hip openers, and being in the flow. It takes effort to finally let go and work to get into the flow. In this class we will build our postures on a foundation stability and security, awakening to a feeling of steadiness and meeting our most basic survival needs of love and connection.

Saturday May 19, 2018
9-11:30am | Location: Englewood studio at 3496 S Broadway, Englewood, 80113

Class 2 : Vishnu Granthi: Exploring our power center and our spiritual heart through deep core work, twists and backbends. Bringing balance to this area and releasing this knot requires an understanding of the way others view us and a radical dismantling of the walls of self preservation that our ego has built. Letting go of our attachments and aversions is the key to unraveling this knot.

Saturday, May 19, 2018 | 1:30-4pm
Location: Englewood studio at 3496 S Broadway, Englewood, 80113

Class 3: Rudra Granthi: In this class we will tear down the constructs of our opinions, beliefs, bias’s and everything that we think we know. We will turn our worlds upside down and challenge ourselves to witness the present moment through a new perspective. Inversions, supported poses, pranayama and meditation will guide us through a practice that will trigger the parasympathetic response, assisting in de- charging the hold that our way of thinking has over us.


Yoga Workshop Cost and Registration:

Each class $45 Early Bird through 4/30, then $50