Yoga Instruction Plans and Pricing

Take advantage of some of our yoga plans and pricing to save money on your yogic path. Yoga class cards, yoga memberships, and private yoga instruction allow you to focus on yoga.

Yoga Class Cards

Five, 10, or 20-yoga class cards stored seamlessly in your account save you some green.

Yoga Memberships

Sign up for one of our yoga memberships to save money and time!

Private Instruction

Invest in private or semi-private instruction to get even more personalized instruction.

New Student Specials

New local yoga students to the Teton Yoga Shala can get the first yoga class for $10 and get one month of unlimited Yoga for $99!

Donation Classes

To make yoga accessible to all people, we offer two (2) yoga classes by donation per week. Pay what you can afford for certain classes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Plans & Pricing

How long do yoga class cards last?
Yoga Class Cards will expire after six (6) months. No exceptions.
What are the other benefits of monthly memberships?
Yoga students can also enjoy 10% off most of the Shala Boutique items when signed up for the three-month unlimited, four-month commitment unlimited, and yearly unlimited yoga options. Save on things like Manduka yoga mats, yoga props, Beyond Yoga, Onzie, and Kira Grace clothing, and much more.
Can Unlimited Memberships be canceled or put on hold?
Invest in a one-month unlimited yoga membership for $120 with a four-month commitment. It can be canceled or put on hold anytime, although it requires 30 days advance notice to cancel membership. This option has a fabulous membership perk: get 10% off boutique items and services such as private yoga instruction and semi-private yoga instruction.
What are the benefits of private or semi-private yoga instruction?
Private or semi-private yoga instruction have many benefits. If you are new to yoga one-on-one instruction is a great way to learn basic poses and proper alignment that is right for your body. Private instruction is useful for people working with injuries or health issues, those who would like more emphasis on specific yoga poses or modalities like pranayama, or those who just want one-on-one instruction to learn more.
What do donation classes benefit?
This type of donation class only benefits you! It’s just a way to make yoga accessible to all students. Pay what you can for the donation classes. The yoga teacher gets paid a regular salary for the class.


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