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Max Friedman

max friedman yoga and structural integration
Yoga Teacher & Structural Integration

Max Friedman

I am a Structural Integration practitioner, an E-RYT, a movement trainer, aaaand a deep-diving nerd about the body. Mostly, I’m a student. I ski, surf, climb, cook, and can get a bit monastic in lifestyle. I started my journey studying A&P (anatomy and physiology) at Berkeley while I was prepping for PT school.

By the time I was interning at clinics in Jackson Hole, yoga had other plans for me. Through my study with amazing teachers in Jackson and my first teacher training at Teton Yoga Shala, I embarked on a journey of teaching yoga in Jackson and beyond. I was craving more study, and pushed by some big mountain mishaps that destroyed my limbs and spine, I found myself at an ashram in Rishikesh, studying with a doctor of yogic sciences. The practices continue to be a wildly educational adventure in movement, healing, fascial planes, connection and relationship.

In 2015, I went to Structural Integration school at the Guild for Structural Integration and have since immersed myself in the study, health, manipulation and organization of fascia. I have been researching and practicing in the formats that most encourage and propagate change and growth in the organ, the connective tissue, called fascia.

And now, this is the practice that I invite you into: What it feels like to affect fascial change. How fascia resists change. How to ‘catch’ a wave that your mind-body connection is conveniently (or not so conveniently) avoiding. And how to build, understand, and use these tools for navigating fascia in practice. I’m stoked to hang, nudge and learn with all of you and to build some cool tactics and understandings that will help you on your journey.

About Max’s Gravity Lab

Combining yoga and structural integration, The Gravity Lab was born from the best practices and studies that Gravity Work harnesses to create movement that is efficient, smooth, and light.

Join us for this 3-ish hour practice and workshop to move, sweat and learn a little more about how you can help you. We start with a foundational flow to slowly build heat and connection with the body. After a long savasana and guided meditation, we’ll transition into a yin yoga practice with a Gravity Work structural twist. *Structural integration style adjustments and bodywork are part of this class. All levels welcome.

We have time. To build tools that will last. To seed growth.
And to find ease. Let’s play!

Please contact Max Friedman to register for this class https://www.gravitywork.org/programs