Justus Stearns

RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Justus Stearns

For over a decade Justus Stearns’ focus has been on rock climbing, distance running and skiing. In the last few years his passion has expanded to include the healing practice of yoga. Though he loves the challenge of the poses, he is not only inspired by the physical postures. Eternally a student, he continues to study the Yoga Sutras which are based on codes of conduct, discipline and the cessation of suffering for all beings. Though he dances to the beat of his own drum, he also honors and reveres the wisdom of the yoga teachings.

His energetic classes reflect his independent spirit, curiosity, humor and love for movement. Inspired by his teachers Adi Amar, Angela Tong and Niki Sue Mueller, in each class he combines his love for movement, yoga philosophy and alignment.


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