Yoga Sutras 101 with Trisha and Adi

March 13-15, 2020 | Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Yoga Sutras 101 Workshop with Trish & Adi

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali gives the Yogi a set of guidelines for practice, on and off the mat. In this three day workshop we will dissect and discuss the fundamental sutras that every yogi should live by. We will chant the sutras, break them down and dive deep into the meanings of each juicy word. We will bring the sutras alive through personal and modern takes on the ancient texts. Take an in-depth look at yourself, your practice and the way you interact in the world with the guidance of Adi Amar and Patricia Ireland. March 13-15

This Yoga Sutras workshop is for:

  • Yoga teachers who want to dive deeper into the sutras
  • Anyone who would like to learn about the philosophical underpinnings of yoga
  • Anyone with a willingness to learn and grow

Nine (9) hours can be applied toward a Yoga Teacher Training certificate or Continuing Education Units (CEU).


Patanjali (center) authored the Yoga Sutras

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About Your Yoga Sutras 101 Teachers:

Adi Amar

Adi Amar was introduced to yoga in 1994 and has been studying and practicing yoga sincerely since the age of 15. She completed her first formal training in 2001 at Mount Madonna under the guidance of Baba Hari Das.

Adi was hooked by the practice of Yoga as a mental, emotional, and physical healing system. In 1998, Adi had the fortunate experience to practice with Tim Miller and was instantly drawn to the Ashtanga Yoga method. After years of dedicating herself to the Ashtanga practice she began exploring other methods that would assist her in healing a major knee injury from skiing.

She started studying Iyengar Yoga and integrated a slower approach to her practice and teaching. As a result, Adi weaves detailed alignment within Vinyasa style yoga classes. Adi believes that consistent practice with open awareness is the window into reorganizing old mental patterns and tendencies that have been knowingly or unknowingly ingrained into how we operate and experience life. Through utilizing technologies for well being, Adi strives to inspire a passion for regular practice and taking responsibility for one’s own experience of living life to the fullest. Adi offers methods for individuals to extend his/her own growth and wisdom within inspiring classes that integrate the spiritual and philosophical teachings of Yoga. Learn more about Adi HERE

Trish Ireland

Patricia, or Trish as most people call her, is so honored and excited to be able to teach yoga under the guidance of her teachers at the Teton Yoga Shala. Trish came to yoga after a childhood of ballet and dance, so she is no stranger to body movement and its healing effects. Her first 200-hour Ashtanga training with It’sYoga just scratched the surface in the to this scared science. So, she came back for more at the Teton Yoga Shala in 2017 where she deepened her understanding of yoga as therapy and the mind-body connection.

Trish’s mission is to help people find the light within them through the practice of yoga. Her classes will reflect her love for dance, connectivity and philosophy while focusing strongly on alignment and awareness of the body in space.

“The Yoga Sutras are a practical textbook to guide your spiritual journey of remembering who you really are.”
–Roger Gabriel


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