Yoga Basics

Level 1

Foundation of yoga philosophy, breathing, basic postures, and meditation. This class will build your knowledge and confidence within each yoga posture by teaching you correct alignment, so you can further your relationship with yoga in a safe and effective manner.

Yoga Flow

All Levels

A fun and creative sequencing of postures with an emphasis on movement, introspection, and intention. This class builds strength, balance, flexibility, and awareness in all aspects of life.

Tropical 26

All Levels

Tropical 26 is a 60-minute class featuring a posture sequence inspired by the Bishnu Ghosh Lineage System of Yoga (Bikram Chodhury’s teacher). It consists of two breathing exercises and a series of 26 poses incorporating balance, strength and flexibility. This dynamic system of postures is taught in a heated and moisture-filled yoga room to allow for a deeper release and to help prevent injury.

Therapeutic Yoga

All Levels

Although all yoga is therapeutic, this class will focus on the specific therapeutic needs of the students in the class as well as the central needs of your spine, core, shoulders, and hips. This is a slower class in which full breathing is emphasized with fewer poses that are held for longer durations for a more calming effect.

Yoga Ropes & Chairs

All Levels

Discover new space in your body with the support of the yoga ropes and folding chairs. Chairs and ropes offer new ways to explore, experience, and learn the various asanas.


All Levels

Barre is a low impact, but at the same time intense exercise class that is taught with fun music. It is based in Pilates, dance and yoga. Barre is great for core strength, balance, and building your stabilizer muscles.

Form & Flow

All Levels

An alignment-based series of postures linked to the breath for a transformative and balancing practice. After warming up the body, we work into a gentle Vinyasa flow, and finish with restorative poses to leave you completely refreshed. All levels welcome and modifications are always offered.

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About Teton Yoga Shala

Teton Yoga Shala is Jackson Hole’s westside yoga studio for all ages and abilities. We offer therapeutic yoga, private yoga instruction, yoga classes, yoga workshops, and yoga teacher trainings in our studio located at the base of the Teton Mountains in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Yoga styles taught at Teton Yoga Shala: Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Alignment-Oriented Yoga, Iyengar-Style Yoga Ropes/Chairs, Spiritually-Oriented Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, and Power Flow. Our intention is to meet students where they are and inspire a passion for Yoga as a life-long sustainable practice.


Yoga Classes for Everybody

From beginners to advanced yogis, we have a class for you.

Experienced Yoga Teachers

Our knowledgeable yoga teachers have years of direct teaching experience and strive to enhance their own understanding of Yoga through regular practice and education.

Teacher Trainings & Workshops

Enroll in one of our unique yoga teacher trainings and get started on your new path. Be an eternal student and drop in to a workshop.

“Yoga should come within you. Yoga is not doing; it keeps happening within you. Asana is for two hours, but yoga is for 24 hours.” – Sharath Jois


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