meaghan tozzi yoga teacher

Meaghan Tozzi

Meaghan Tozzi Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher

Meaghan Tozzi

Meaghan Tozzi was introduced to yoga over 23 years ago. She is first and foremost a student and she teaches through deep passion, love, perseverance, dedication and discipline. Her curiosity around the science of yoga remains endless and Meaghan feels yoga in all of its facets is a healing tool for all who wish to explore it.

She remains steadfast and committed in supporting and guiding individuals into healing their ‘Whole’ self and well being to experience life in its entirety.

Many of Meaghan’s teachers including; Adi Amar, Bhavani Maki, Eddie Modestini, Eddy Marks, Mary Obendorfer, Rod Stryker, Sianna Sherman and Ainslie Mintz, have opened her eyes to a fuller understanding of the practice. She has personally experienced ways in which yoga can influence and guide your life to be surprising, joyful and endless.

From Adi Amar


``Meaghan has a deep understanding through her years of yoga study and application on how to guide students into the heart of these practices!``