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Vanessa Sulzer

vanessa sulzer yoga and barre instructor
Barre, Pilates & Yoga Teacher

Vanessa Sulzer

Vanessa Sulzer is a Pilates, yoga and barre instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience.

Through her years of practice, Vanessa has explored many styles of yoga, but she ultimately returned back to her original studies in Iyengar yoga. She finds the mindful, alignment-based style creates positive, long lasting shifts in the body and mind. That being said, she also loves to offer a good old fashioned post-activity stretch session when needed, which is often in Jackson Hole!

Over time, she discovered the need to bring more strength training into her life and that’s when she discovered barre. She loves the elements of music and liveliness that barre brings, along with the great workout. She incorporates not only strength, but stretching and mobility into her classes, making it a full-spectrum movement experience.

After years of enjoying an active life style along with a good dose of hyper mobility, Vanessa discovered she had slipping discs, spondylolisthesis and stenosis. This trifecta of issues led her on a two year journey with chronic nerve pain. Through her investigation of how to get her body back on track, she found her way to Pilates. Pilates was the last piece in the puzzle that brought her out of pain and into a new level of profound strength. She is now back to living a life full of hiking with her dogs and world travel. Vanessa loves sharing this, fun, therapeutic and empowering practice with her clients because she knows how truly powerful it is!

In her private practice, Vanessa has experience working with athletes, cancer patients, those who are on the other side of cancer treatments, osteoporosis, clients suffering from injuries and chronic pain, and simply those who are looking to build more strength and flexibility.

Connie W.


``I've been doing Barre with Vanessa 5+ years. A class that kicks my glutes and core. Wouldn't miss it for anything. Barre is the kind of practice you have to stick with to see results.``

Christina M.


``I’ve been practicing Pilates for six months (with Vanessa) and the change in my body is like nothing I’ve experienced. It’s kept me from injury and allowed me to hike farther and higher than ever before. I’m leaner, stronger, taller, and the mobility in my shoulders and core strength is on a different level. By the end of a session, my body is worked from head to toe and my mind is at peace!``

Doug H.


``Vanessa stretches me out after skiing in winter and hiking in the summer. Our sessions help me to keep doing what I love, feel more relaxed and loosen up my tight muscles.``

Join Vanessa Sulzer for her one-on-one offerings of Pilates, Apres Stretch and Private Yoga Instruction! Learn more here.