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Lori Roux

Fitness instructor Lori Roux poses in front of the Grand Canyon
Fitness Instructor

Lori Roux

Lori Roux has been either taking classes or teaching classes since the mid-90s. A fitness junkie, she has been active her whole life, playing tennis on the high school team then finding the weight room in college. Her priorities whenever re-locating to a new city, were finding a place to live, then finding a gym (or maybe the other way around?).

Locally, Lori first starting teaching at Bell Fitness in town. A daily class participant, the owner asked her to please teach some of the classes she attended to take the pressure off.

She taught there for many years, until the gym blew up (yes, the gym actually was destroyed in an explosion). She re-located to Teton Sports Club, and has been teaching (or attending!) classes there until its recent closure.

Lori also has a career outside the gym. She owns a company called Whole Story Productions that focuses on family history documentaries as well as other assorted video projects.

Fitness is a huge priority, and when not in the gym, she enjoys hiking, skiing, boating, rollerblading, and assorted other activities that include her husband, and especially her grandkids.

from Karlene Owens


``Lori is a fantastic fitness leader. She balances work on the front and back of the body along with cardio. She gives options for different levels and lots of positive support. Her music is very motivating. ``