yoga class punch cards
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Punch Cards

20 Punch Card

$440, 20-class card ($22/class)

10 Punch Card

$240, 10-class card ($24/class)

5 Punch Card

$130, 5-class card ($26/class)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Plans & Pricing

How long do yoga class cards last?

Yoga Class Cards will expire after one year. No exceptions.

What are the benefits of private or semi-private yoga instruction?

Private or semi-private yoga instruction have many benefits. If you are new to yoga one-on-one instruction is a great way to learn basic poses and proper alignment that is right for your body. Private instruction is useful for people working with injuries or health issues, those who would like more emphasis on specific yoga poses or modalities like pranayama, or those who just want one-on-one instruction to learn more.