candace blair sound healer and kundalini yoga teacher

Candace Blair

Candace Blair Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Healer
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Healer

Candace Blair

Candice Blair is internationally known practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Sound Healing, Shamanic Reiki, and Sacred Cacao Ceremonies. These practices have altered the course of her life, helping her to find her purpose and passion. They have opened her heart to more love, an elevated mind, body and spirit and raised her conscious awareness. She looks forward to sharing these inspiring healing modalities that have transformed her life with like-minded people.

She is KRI Kundalini Yoga certified by Karam Kriya in England/Portugal; she trained as a “Cacaoista” with Rebekah Shaman in Ibiza, Spain & London; she furthered her Shamanic studies with Mally Paquette, a modern medicine woman from Awakenings in Sedona. She is level 1&2 certified in Shamanic Reiki and a trained sound healer using ancient gongs & crystal singing bowls. Trained in the “Alchemy of Becoming” methodology, she helps clients to raise their level of consciousness by releasing trapped emotions from the body, the aura, and the energetic systems.

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From Raven V. on soulfiresocial.com


``Candace is one of the most authentic, bright lights I have ever met. Candace radiates joy and passion. I have had the privilege of experiencing Candace with yoga, sound healing and sacred cacao. And each and every encounter has been extraordinary. I have physical limitations and Candace encouraged me to do what I could safely do. I felt as though I belonged. Sound healings and the Sacred Cacao ceremony have been life changing. If you get the opportunity to experience healing with Candace you will not be disappointed. Candace walks her talk and her humility is breathtaking.``