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Halina Mader

Halina Mader Yoga Teacher Jackson Hole
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Halina Mader

Halina Mader’s experience with yoga began in elementary school, sitting in the studio while her mother attended Ashtanga classes in Oakland, California. Not long after, she joined the practice on her own mat, where she first experienced the connection, joy, focus, and reflection yoga could help reveal within herself and those around her.

Ashtanga has remained core to her practice, but she’s embraced the play and exploration she found in Vinyasa, Rocket, Acro, and Yin. She’s been lucky enough to have learned from different teachers around the world and experienced the beautiful communities that yoga can help build. Halina aspires to contribute to others’ development of their practice and share that feeling of clarity and peace she experiences after her own.

Off the mat, she loves snowboarding, hiking, cooking good food, jumping into large bodies of water, and dancing.