Yoga instructor Molly Belk in Jackson Hole

Molly Belk

Molly Belk yoga instructor jackson hole
Yoga Instructor

Molly Belk

Molly Belk turned to yoga in middle school when her yoga-loving mother held a surprise birthday party at her aunt’s studio in North Carolina. She had never done yoga in her life, but she fell in love shortly after, practicing throughout her childhood going to hot, crowded, energized, vinyasa flow classes. She loved the way she could express herself freely and be surrounded by people of all ages and from many different walks of life.


After fifteen years of practicing all over the world, Molly has turned to take interest in the spiritual as well as healing aspects of Yoga. She got her yoga teacher certifications during the pandemic through Adi Amar at Teton Yoga Shala and Sacred Paths Yoga School.


As a yoga teacher, she strives to bring people back into their bodies and slow down from their already busy lives. In class she interweaves breath work, meditation, the seven chakras, the five elements, or anything she is working on physically or mentally at the time. Her classes range from a slower alignment and spiritual focused flow, to restorative and yin yoga.