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Yoga Classes

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Mindful Flow

Mindful flow is a slower-paced flow class focusing on intentional alignment and internal strength. We will move through familiar sequences spending a little longer in each asana to truly feel the effects and explore the balance between strength and ease. In this class, students will be given ample opportunity to “go inside” and check in with their internal landscape. When we get to know ourselves, our patterns and uncouncious behaviors intimately on the mat, we cultivate the skills to move towards living in a state of consciousness off the mat.

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Core Flow

Our core is so much more than abs. In this class we will move through a fun and powerful sequence of movements designed to strengthen and tone the physical body. We focus on stabilizer muscles, breath, balance and flexibility to bring you to a centered state of self-empowerment.

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Relax, Restore, Reset

Although all yoga is therapeutic, this class will focus on the specific therapeutic needs of the students in the class as well as the central needs of your spine, core, shoulders, and hips. This is a slower class in which full breathing is emphasized with fewer poses that are held for longer durations for a more calming effect.

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Yoga Ropes & Chairs

Using the feedback and assistance of yoga ropes hanging on the wall and chairs we will explore deeper into the asanas. This class focuses heavily on alignment and breath-work, allowing students the space and support to increase both flexibility and strength in their practice. Additionally, the ropes facilitate inversions which are beneficial for adrenal and cardiovascular health. This class is open to yogis of all abilities who want to learn more about their own bodies, increase their knowledge of alignment and cultivate a healthy, sustainable yoga practice.

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Barre is a low impact, but at the same time intense exercise class that is taught with fun music. It is based in Pilates, dance and yoga. Barre is great for core strength, balance, and building your stabilizer muscles.

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Hatha Flow

Ha= Sun. Tha= Moon. Put together, in sanskrit Hatha is often translated to “force.” This style of yoga is the force which helps us find balance in our lives. Classes will provide you with all the tools yoga provides: asana, breath, chanting, and sanga (community) to help you on your path to unwavering steadiness and awareness in all aspects of life. We offer different levels of Hatha classes so please check the schedule.

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Gentle Flow

This class incorporates a blend of breathing exercises, gentle yoga poses, and meditation while moving intentionally. Gentle Flow offers a slow and mindful practice encouraging introspection and breath. Postures are held for longer durations and accessible to people with stiffer bodies, balance issues and injury.

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Zenity Now

The meditative yoga practice called “Zenity Now” blends yoga and the 12 steps of recovery. Yoga experience and/or recovery are not requirements. Everyone is welcome ! We invite students to explore a holistic approach to addiction recovery through breath, movement and reflection on the 12 steps of recovery.

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Intro to Kundalini

This class is an Intro to Kundalini Yoga to reduce stress, anxiety and fear through Kriyas.

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Restore and Meditate

This class will help to calm the breath, quiet the body and balance the mind with restorative yoga postures, meditation and crystal sound bowls.