yoga teacher trainings

Sharing Wisdom and Joy

When I think about sharing the gift of yoga to aspiring students and teachers I am reminded of one of my favorite stories, the story of the sage Bharadvaja. Bharadvaja committed his first life to studying the Vedas, thinking that by doing so he could transcend the cycle of birth and death that others were trapped in. He studied more than anyone else but at the end of his life he found himself born a mortal again. He redoubled his efforts for his second life, yet again found himself reborn a third time. At the end of his third life Shiva appeared to him and admonished him for missing the point. Bharadvaja knew more than everyone, yet hadn’t shared this information with anyone. His next lifetime was dedicated to teaching the deep wisdom and joy that he learned from his studies. Shiva came to him at the end of that life he told him he could be liberated from the endless cycle of birth and death and Bharadvaja declined. He discovered that connecting others to the teachings is a far greater joy than achieving personal goals.

My aim with this studio is to share the wisdom and the joy that comes with these teachings and bring other teachers in to share what they have learned along their paths. I am so excited to bring Nurse Georgie, Eddie Modestini and Adi Amar to the studio this fall so that we can all have the opportunity to learn from them.